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Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is intended for people who struggle daily with excessive or long term fall of the hair. The falling is accelerated by some factors such as stress, styling, discoloration and excessive dyeing in short periods. For this problem, the Anti Hair Loss Shampoo which is rich in active principles that can stop or reduce hair loss.

7,99 11,35 
Size: 250 ml / 8.4 fl. oz.|400 ml / 13.5 fl. oz.
Age: All ages
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The Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is based on a formula consisting of Procapil and Bio-Capigen that strengthen the hair root, increase the degree of resistance to breakage and give it a natural shine. Proper nourishment of the structure of the hair is also ensured by these two ingredients that bring the hair to an optimal level of hydration to prevent breakage, split ends or drying.

The Anti Hair Loss Shampoo acts dual by stimulating healthy hair growth and by preventing atrophy of the hair follicle. Using it for long periods can reduce or even completely stop hair loss.

Apply to wet hair 1-2 times, then rinse. It is used whenever it is necessary to clean the scalp and the hair, for more efficient results it is recommended to be associated with the Anti-Hair Loss Serum from the same range.


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