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Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Cream – SPF 10

SPF 10 Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream is a cream for daily use, suitable for sensitive, acne, mixed and oily skin. It is a cream rich in active principles that aims to increase the level of hydration and maintain it, but also the protection against urban stress and UV rays.

SKU: GH3AV-153
Size: 50 ml / 1.69 fl. oz.

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MoisturizingSun protection
Skin Type:
All Skin TypesDry SkinSensitive Skin 
Age: 25+ 
Daily CareMorning 
Anti WrinkleAnti-PollutionClayCobiodefender EMRConcentrarted serumElixirferulic acidHyalurinic AcidMoisturizing CreamVitamin E

The Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Cream – SPF 10 is based on 100% natural clay, so it is recommended for especially acne complexions because the clay in the composition regulates sebum secretions, helps cell respiration and the replication of new cells. It has a detoxification function, so the skin will remove toxins from the surface and from the depth. Cobiodefender EMR, clay, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E act synergistically against oxidative stress generated by pollution.

In addition to its antioxidant effect, vitamin E has the role of maintaining optimal levels of hydration, so the skin will be visibly brighter, hydrated, velvety and firm. Lipomoist™ 2036 has the role of maintaining water in tissues, and together with Sepilift DPHP increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

The natural oils in the composition of the Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Cream – SPF 10 have an emollient role, restoring the hydro-lipid reserves of the tissues. The cream also has a protective factor of UV type 10, forming on the surface of the epidermis a film that bears the skin of solar radiation, urban pollution, electronic pollution.

The cream has a denser texture, being suitable for mixed, sensitive or acne skin. It is used in the morning, after the skin has been cleansed, on the face, neck and decolette. It can be associated with Concentrarted serum with Hyalurinic Acid 6% or Anti-Wrinkle Elixir and Anti-Pollution for the area of ​​eyes and lips.

Avoid eye area. Hypoallergenic product. Dermatological tested.


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