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Cell Regeneration Vials (Ampoules)

Cell Regeneration Vials are based on 100% natural clay and Cobiodefender EMR which helps in faster replication of new cells. They also detoxify the skin and leave it hydrated, toned and with a higher degree of elasticity after this process. The skin remains smooth, soft and invigorated, and with a healthier appearance.

SKU: GH3AV-155
Size: 7 X 2 ml / 0.06 fl. oz.

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Face Care Moisturizing
Skin Type:
All Skin TypesSensitive Skin 
Age: 25+ 
Use: Daily Care
AQUAXYL™cell respirationCellular regenerationClayCobiodefender EMRhydrationREVITALIN® PFSEPITONIC™ M3.0

The active principles at the level of the Cell Regeneration Vials have as an essential purpose the growth and maintenance of an optimal level of hydration, an optimal level of hydration that can only be obtained by diminishing the transepidermal water losses.

In this case, the active ingredient AQUAXYL™ is responsible for restoring the transepideermal water reserves in the skin.

The detoxification function is fully ensured by the Cobiodefender EMR and the clay that reduces sebum secretions and acts on the surface and in depth, eliminating toxins from the dermis and epidermis.

REVITALIN® PF has as active yeast principles, providing it with energy for cell replication, UV stress resistance and cell respiration. It works in the sense of detoxifying the skin to make it visibly healthier, nourished, brighter. Along with SEPITONIC™ M3.0, which is a combination of minerals, such as Magnesium, Zinc and Copper, cell regeneration beeing accelerated.

The clay in the composition of Cell Regeneration Vials is 100% natural. It helps regulate sebum secretions, treat acne, eliminate toxins from the dermis and epidermis, unlock blocked pores, remove dead skin cells, stimulate replication of new cells and provide a natural skin glow.

Cell Regeneration Vials are suitable for any skin type and for any age. The whole serum is drained into the bottom of the vial, then the vial is broken and put on the palm. It is applied to the face, neck and décolleté, by easy massage with a cotton pad.

For a more effective result, it is recommended to associate with Detox Moisturizing Vials and / or Collagen Vials.

It should be applied as often as possible, in the evening, after the skin has been previously cleaned.

Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.
Hypoallergenic product. Dermatological tested.


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