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Detox Charcoal Mask Peel-Off

The Detox Charcoal Mask Peel-Off has a film-like structure and acts on excess sebum, detoxifying the skin, unblocking the pores blocked by sebum and removing impurities from the skin, such as sebum, dead skin cells and make-up.

SKU: GH3AV-151
Size: 100 ml / 3.38 fl. oz.

In stock

Skin Type:
All Skin TypesSensitive Skin 
Age: 25+ 
Use: Use once a week 
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Detox Charcoal Mask Peel-Off is a black mask with activated carbon and is recommended for any type of skin, especially sensitive and acne, allergic reactions, redness, irritation, premature wrinkling, dehydration.
Easy to use and apply. Deeply removes blackheads and dirt from the skin surface.
The peel off system prevents clogging of the pores and deeply cleanses the skin.

The clay in the composition of the detox charcoal mask peel-off  has the following benefits for the skin:

  • detoxifies the skin in depth,
  • treats acne,
  • exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells,
  • absorbs excess sebum,
  • keeping the skin smooth and clean,
  • regulates the secretion of sebum
  • provides a natural glow of the skin.

The  Cobiodefender EMR is a specific anti-stress agent, which plays an essential role in revitalizing cell metabolism and epidermal repair. Activated charcoal has the main detoxification function.

The fluid texture allows easy application of the product.

How to use:

Clean the desired area and dry lightly, leaving the skin moist. Apply a medium-thick layer (2 mm) in the desired area. Be careful to avoid eyebrows, hairline, eye area and lips. Leave on for 20-30 minutes until completely dry and remove the mask by light peeling starting from the bottom up. For best results, apply a toner at the end to close and clean the pores well.

Warnings: Please keep the product in the shade and avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. Do not apply the product to wounds, swollen areas or skin abnormalities. If you notice signs of redness, inflammation or abnormalities, stop using the product immediately and contact your dermatologist. For sensitive skin, before use, apply on a small area without stimulation and continue using if no irritation occurs. Keep the product in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

The Black Detox Charcoal Mask Peel-Off is applied in a medium thickness layer, allowed to dry and then slips from the chin to the forehead, by removing the elastic film formed on the surface of the skin.


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