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Detox Moisturizing Vials (Ampoules)

Detox Moisturizing Vials are a complex of minerals, combined with clay and hyaluronic acid that synergistically act on the surface of the skin and in-depth detoxify and bring it to an optimal level of hydration. Cobiodefender EMR is a specific antistress that re-activates cellular metabolism for better replication of new cells.

SKU: GH3AV-150
Size: 7 X 2 ml / 0.06 fl. oz.

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Face Care Moisturizing
Skin Type:
All Skin TypesSensitive Skin 
Age: 25+ 
Use: Daily Care
Cobiodefender EMRDetox AmpoulesDetox VialsMoisturizing VialsSerumskin hydration vialsSYN-UP™wrinkles

The main purpose of the Detox Moisturizing Vials is to bring and maintain an optimal level of hydration to avoid peeling, drying and the appearance of new wrinkles on the skin surface. At the same time, due to the minerals and clay it has in their composition, works in depth and on the surface of the skin, detoxifying it.

The hyaluronic acid has an action on the wrinkles going deep and filling them from the inside to the outside, also managing to reduce the transepidermal losses of water. Also in the sense of high maintenance of the hydration degree, another component of the Detox moisturizing ampoules is SYN-UP™.

On the detoxification side, caffeine is an important ingredient, because along with the clay that reduces sebum secretions from the dermis, it helps to drain and eliminate toxins, leaving the skin bright, hydrated and with a higher level of elasticity than before of their use.

Detox Moisturizing Vials are recommended for any skin type, for any age.
How to use: All serum is drained into the bottom of the vial, then wrapped in a napkin for hand protection. The vial is broken and the liquid is put in the palm, to be applied to the face, neck and neck. It is recommended the most frequent application and their association with Cellular Regeneration Ampoules and / or Collagen Ampoules.
They are applied in the evening, by easy massage, after the skin has been cleansed.

Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.
Hypoallergenic product. Dermatological tested.


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