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Eyes and Lips Instant Cleansing Lotion

Instant Eye and Lip Cleanser is an effective alternative in eye and lip makeup, as these areas are the most sensitive and require more careful care. This product does not irritate the eyes, softens the makeup and then removes it in the easiest form. Thus, the impurities, sebum, dust, makeup and dead cells around the eyes and lips are removed.

SKU: GH3EQ-1204
Size: 500 ml / 16.9 fl. oz.

In stock

The special formula from which this product is designed combines several ingredients that together help deep hydration, have anti-irritant effect and anti-rainbow effect. The anti-rainbow effect is produced by the blue extract. It soothes the skin during makeup and removes redness. Vitamin A is the one that offers a small anti-aging effect, but also that nourishes the skin and gives it a velvety effect. Panthenol, as an ingredient extracted from Provitamian B5, plays a major role in moisturizing the skin and regenerating cells. Allantoin has a calming and restorative effect, protects the skin and speeds up healing and skin repair.

Instant Eye and Lip Cleanser removes even waterproof makeup. This product can be used by any person with any type of skin, because the skin around the eyes and lips is sensitive anyway. Thus, it is used by slightly circular movements, the product being applied on a cleaning diskette. The tonic lotion is then used depending on the type of skin, so that there is no straining or dehydration effect.

Dermatologically tested product. Professional range.


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