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Frequent Use Shampoo Gerovital Men

Frequent Use Shampoo Gerovital Men  is a shampoo that can be used daily or as often as needed, to clean and remove dirt from the hair and scalp. It is intended especially for people who play sports and need a daily hair wash.

SKU: GM-347
Size: 400 ml / 13.5 fl. oz.

In stock

Action: Cleansing
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Age: All ages
Use: Daily Care
anti-inflammatorydaily hair wash shampoohair shampooKeratinMen shampoomoisturizing effect shampooProvitamin B5

Frequent Use Shampoo Gerovital Men it contains an active ingredient, namely provitamin B5, which has a calming, anti-inflammatory, reparative and moisturizing effect. After application, it turns into panthenol and attaches to the surface of the Keratin, enveloping the thread and appearing to protect it. Provitamin B5 gives the scalp and hair the hydration it needs in order not to form peels and subsequently dandruff. The hair becomes shiny, resistant and prevents splitting of the tips.

The shampoo is used 1-2 times, by massage, and then rinses very well. It is suitable for all hair types.

Avoid contact with eyes.


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