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Intense Regenerating Hair Mask with Petroleum

Intense Regenerating Hair Mask with Petroleum is based on active ingredients that re-densify the structure of the hair and stimulate the faster and healthier growth of the hair. Petroleum stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp, hydrates it, and nourishes it along the length of the hair. SEPICAP™ MP, together with Croquat™ WKP protects the hair and has repairing and reconstuctive properties.

SKU: GTE-1107
Size: 150 ml / 5 fl. oz.

In stock

Age: All ages
Croquat™ WKPHair Mask with PetroleumIntense Regenerating Maskkeratin hair maskmoisturizingPanthenolProvitamin B5Regenerating Hair MaskSEPICAP™ MP

Intense Regenerating Hair Mask with Petroleum – 80% from the hair structure is made of Keratin.
This amount of keratin decreases due to the degenerative factors that affects the hair.
Keratin from this mask comes as a supplement in the restructuring of the hair, giving it shine and increasing its degree of resistance to tearing.
Vitamins A and E moisturize and maintain an optimal level of hydration at the scalp, while the length of the hair is nourished.
Both vitamins are antioxidants, so they have a protective effect on the harmful effects that some factors, such as styling, dyeing and discoloration.
Provitamin B5 turns into Panthenol when it is attached to the hair keratin. It has protective functions and especially moisturizing the scalp and hair.
Apply to the hair length by gentle massage, then leave it for 3-5 minutes.

Use of : The Intense Regenerating Hair Mask with Petroleum
Rinses well. Avoid contact with eyes.


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