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Keratin Regenerating Hair Mask

Keratin Regenerating Hair Mask – Due to factors that negatively affect the hair, it can lose elasticity, firmness, strength and shine. Keratin Regenerating Hair Mask has an effective composition in treating these problems because, after use, the hair becomes shiny, soft, easy to comb, moisturized and resistant.

SKU: GTE-1148
Size: 150 ml / 5 fl. oz.

In stock

Age: All ages
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Keratin Regenerating Hair Mask – This mask is based on Keratin which, in this case represents a supplement for the loss of the amount of keratin that was caused by the action of degenerative factors on the hair. Keratin is a special protein that is found in 80% of the hair structure.

Vitamins A and E play have an important role because they help nourish the scalp, strengthen the root, and hydrate the entire length of the hair. Provitamin B5, along with keratin and amino acids helps to better protect and hydrate it. After use, the hair becomes visibly healthier, brighter and more resistant.

Apply on wet hair, by gentle massage. Leave it for about 5 -10 minutes, then rinse with Keratin Regenerating Shampoo.

For better penetration of the active principles in the hair, it is recommended to dry it with the hair dryer.

Avoid contact with eyes.


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