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Keratin Thermo-Protective Serum

Keratin Thermo-Protective Serum – With each styling process, straightened with the plate, drying with the hair dryer, discolored, dyed, the hair is subject to degradation, by the simple fact that the water in the hair is removed and it becomes dry and without shine. Keratin Thermo-Protective Serum  comes with a solution against this degradation that occurs daily or weekly.

SKU: GTE-1157
Size: 150 ml / 5 fl. oz.

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Age: All ages
Aloe VeraAntibacterial SerumAQUAXYL™hydrated hairKeratinProvitamin B5resistant hairsoft hairThermo-Protective Serum

Keratin Thermo-Protective Serum – How does it work? It forms a film that wraps the hair avoiding the loss of water from it. The hair normally loses a large amount of water, and this is caused by the use of the hair plate, the curler, the dryer or other hairdressing devices that release the heat.

The Keratin Thermo-Protective Serum is composed of Provitamin B5 which attaches to the surface of the Keratin and envelops the hair, protecting it from other degrading factors such as wind, humidity, high temperature. It moisturizes the hair from the scalp to the root, gives it a natural glow and restores water reserves from the structure of the hair. Another active ingredient found in Keratin Thermo-Protective Serum is Aloe Vera which can reduce dandruff, soothe irritations, eliminate itching of the scalp, and more than that, it has antibacterial effect.

AQUAXYL™ is an ingredient that restores the hydrolipidic reserves of water, offering an optimal level of hydration to the hairs that are subjected to these processes. Thus, the hair becomes very resistant, hydrated, smooth, soft and shiny.

It is applied to wet hair after each wash and does not rinse. For very degraded hair, it is recommended to associate it with Vials with Liquid Keratin or Hair Regeneration Kit.


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