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Moisturizing Whitening Cream

Moisturizing Whitening Cream is a cream that combines state-of-the-art active principles against pigmentation blemishes and skin unevenness. The cream is recommended for people who have a complexion in the skin pigmented spots and freckles, due to the sun. This cream works in depth and reduces these spots, not sensitizing the skin.

SKU: GL-589
Size: 50 ml / 1.69 fl. oz.

In stock

MoisturizingSpecial Care
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Age: 25+ 
Daily CareMorning and Evening
blemish creamDermaPep™ ULfreckles creamMoisturizing Creampigmentation creampigmented spotsSYN-UP™Vitamin C creamWhitening Cream

The Moisturizing Whitening Cream contains Alpha Arbutin which inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme, responsible for the appearance of pigment stains. Niacinamide and Liposomal Vitamin C have illuminating effect, stimulating collagen fibers. They also have an antioxidant role.
DermaPep™ UL  is a peptide bleaching complex that acts internally and reduces the intensity of pigment stains. SYN-UP® is a bipeptide derivative that hydrates and maintains hydration and which at the same time increases the skin’s resistance to stress. Neurophroline™ is an extract that lowers cortisol and activates the production of endorphins that control stress, provide balance and well-being. Neurophrolins act positively on well-being.
The Moisturizing Whitening Cream has a light texture and is used twice a day, morning and evening, at least 2 months. It is applied locally, on the affected areas, or on the whole face. It is necessarily associated with a product with sun protection factor and a product with calming effect in case of necessity. It is used together with a whitening serum for optimal and long lasting results.
Avoid eye area.
Dermatological tested.


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