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Nourishing Anti Wrinkle Cream

The Nourishing Anti Wrinkle Cream is based on an anti-aging formula, which belongs to  Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan and which was also the first Anti Aging formula in the world. This cream is a nourishing one that offers the lifting effect and helps to reduce fine wrinkles and expression ones.

SKU: GH3C-285
Size: 50 ml / 1.69 fl. oz.

In stock

Skin Type: All Skin Types
Age: 35+
Daily CareMorning and Evening
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The Nourishing Anti Wrinkle Cream has as active ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E which maintains the optimum degree of hydration of the skin and helps to reduce fine wrinkles and expression ones.

Juvinity™ plays an important role as it slows down premature aging of the skin and stimulates the synthesis of new cells.
Shea butter, beeswax and soybean oil, successfully provide the nourishing side of this cream, as the regenerative processes are visibly accelerated at night.

Nourishing Anti Wrinkle Cream from Gerovital H3 Classic Range is a skin care product for mature and dehydrated skin, with a formula rich in natural oils and fats (soybean oil, shea butter, beeswax) and a fatty texture that effectively prevents the signs of aging.

It contains an anti-aging complex consisting of 3 essential ingredients with multiple benefits: hyaluronic acid that restores the skin’s natural protective barrier, providing the necessary nourishment and hydration and reducing skin water loss, Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress and protects fibers from elastin and collagen through its antioxidant action, and the innovative ingredient Juvinity™ stimulates the regeneration of epidermal cells, delaying their metabolic aging.

It should be used daily because it significantly reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity, improving the appearance and texture of the skin.

Nourishing Anti Wrinkle Cream it is suitable for any type of skin, especially dry and dehydrated skin and is intended for use at night for regenerative processes to be stimulated.

The cream has a dense texture, which penetrates easily into the skin and moisturizes the skin very well.


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