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Passion Deodorant Gerovital H3

Passion Deodorant Gerovital H3 – The whole range of deodorants and, at the same time, antiperspirants preserves the formula Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan, as they are designed for any skin type, especially sensitive, offering an increased protection against perspiration and the unpleasant odors caused by it. The antiperspirants are emulsion type and do not leave any use on the coat.

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antiperspirantCITROFOL®deodorantDr. Ana AslanSensitive Skintranspirationunpleasant odorVitamin E

Passion Deodorant Gerovital H3 – The efficiency of the antiperspirants is mainly rendered by the aluminum salts that block the sweat channels and thus regulate the process of transpiration in the armpit area. CITROFOL® is an ingredient that helps the enzymatic disintegration of the components of the unpleasant odor caused by perspiration. Vitamin E plays an important role by the antioxidant action of the unsaturated compounds of perspiration.

The smell of Passion Deodorant Gerovital H3 is fresh, with a hint of vanilla and is maintained throughout the day. Spray from 15 cm distance directly on the skin.

0% Alcohol, 0% Parabens, 0% Triclosan.


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