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Sebum Control Shampoo

Sebum Control Shampoo – Excessive washing of the hair can cause the hair strand to dry, fall out, or the appearance of dandruff. For a hair with a medium to high fattening tendency, Sebum Control Shampoo is suitable because it reduces the sebum hypersecretion that thickens the hair frequently, increasing the time between washings.

SKU: GTE-1153
Size: 250 ml / 8.4 fl. oz.

In stock

Age: All ages
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Sebum Control Shampoo – Because of the sebaceous glands that secrete uncontrolled sebum, the hair becomes fat very quickly and becomes dirty and unkempt. Sebum Control Shampoo is based on a Sebaryl and Bio-Capigen that reduce and normalize sebum secretions. It also provides nutrients for proper nourishment of the hair, to leave it hydrated, soft and shiny. Bio-Capigen helps to strengthen the root of the hair, reducing its fall.

Apply to the wet scalp 1-2 times, by gentle massage, then rinse well. It is used every 3-5 days. being able to alternate with the Regenerating Shampoo with Keratin.


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