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Sensitive Deodorant Gerovital H3

Sensitive Deodorant Gerovital H3 – The range of deodorants and, at the same time, antiperspirant preserves the formula Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan, since they have been created for any type of skin, especially sensitive, offering an increased protection against perspiration and the unpleasant odors caused by it. Antiperspirants are emulsion type and do not leave traces on clothing.

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Sensitive Deodorant Gerovital H3 – The efficiency of antiperspirants is obtained by the aluminum salts in the composition, because they block the sweat channels by creating hydroxy-gel films, thus regulating the process of transpiration in the armpit area. CITROFOL® is an ingredient that aims at the enzymatic disintegration of the components of the unpleasant odor produced by perspiration. Vitamin E plays an important role by the antioxidant action of the unsaturated compounds of perspiration.

The Sensitive Deodorant Gerovital H3 scent is an inviting, floral, with oriental notes of sandalwood, musk and amber, resistant all day long.

Shake before use. Spray 15 cm directly onto the skin.

0% Alcohol, 0% Parabens, 0% Triclosan.


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