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Shower gel 3 in 1 Fresh Gerovital Men

The Shower gel 3 in 1 Fresh Gerovital Men has a special formula that allows its use on both the hair and face and body. Its formula rich in active principles moisturizes the skin, strengthens the hair and smoothes and restores the hydrolipidic reserves of water, while improving the skin’s barrier function.

SKU: GM-451
Size: 400 ml / 13.5 fl. oz.

In stock

Skin Type: All Skin Types
Age: All ages
Use: Daily Care
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Shower gel 3 in 1 Fresh Gerovital Men – Glycerin in the composition emulsifies the scalp and skin, providing a deep hydration. AQUAXYL™ helps to maintain water at the level of the epidermis, thus avoiding dehydration, mowing and mold formation.

Provitamin B5 has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect, eliminating itching, redness and supporting epithelialization and repair of lesions. It also helps in faster hair growth, protecting it from external factors and giving it a natural shine. Menthol on the one hand helps the growth of the hair, and on the other hand it envelops the body in a fresh, marine scent, with a revitalizing and energizing effect.

Apply 1-2 times until the dirt is removed and rinsed well.

Avoid contact with eyes.


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