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Super Moisturizing Emollient Cream

Super Moisturizing Emollient Cream is a cream that contains active principles that help restore the water reserves of the skin (hydrolipidic barrier), maintain hydration, prevent atopic dermatitis and soothe the skin with irritation, inflammation, redness and itching. The skin becomes more hydrated, regaining its shines, elasticity and firmness.

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SKU: GH3D+390
Size: 100 ml / 3.38 fl. oz.

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The Super Moisturizing Emollient Cream has the component Neutrazen™ which is originally a biomimetic peptide. Neutrazen prevents and eliminates inflammation, redness, itching, tingling and itching, being considered a calming ingredient. Ceramidyl Omega 3,6 and 9% protects the fibers from elastin and collagen, improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and together with urea, the level of hydration increases directly in proportion to the degree of elasticity.
Beeswax, another important ingredient, retains water in the tissues, avoiding dehydration of the skin by forming a protective film that prevents transsepidermal water loss.
Super Moisturizing Emollient Cream is suitable for any age and especially for sensitive skin. It is applied on the affected areas in the morning and in the evening.
Hypoallergenic product. Without parabens. Dermatological tested.


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