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Tonifying Cleansing Water

The invigorating cleansing water is based on active ingredients that emulsify dust, makeup, even waterproof makeup, sebum and dead cells. They are gently removed, without the skin becoming dehydrated or turning red.

SKU: GH3EQ-1203
Size: 500 ml / 16.9 fl. oz.

In stock

Skin Type:
Acne skinOily and blemish prone skinOily skin
Age: 30+
Daily CareMorning and Evening

The active compounds provide antioxidative protection. Lactic acid has the property to reduce sebum secretions and clog pores blocked by sebum so that the skin can breathe. All lactic acid has exfoliating effect and eliminates dead cells.
The LRI solubilizer has an emollient role on the impurities, making the cleaning process a gentle one.
Dismutin BT protects and delays the signs of aging, such as drying, wrinkles, pigmentation spots or loss of elasticity.
The product is applied to a cleansing diskette, then the skin around the eyes, lips, then face, neck and neck is wiped. The invigorating cleansing water is intended for the care of oily skin, with the tendency of acne.
Removes waterproof makeup. It is recommended to associate with the purifying tonic fluid.

Dermatological tested.


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