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Toning Lotion

Toning Lotion is a product that was designed from the latest ingredients. This fits the Gerovital Luxury range in one of the luxury cosmetics segments. The Toning Lotion has a revitalizing, invigorating and energizing effect after makeup. The skin becomes hydrated and toned after use.

SKU: GL-582
Size: 120 ml / 4.05 fl. oz.

In stock

Skin Type:
All Skin TypesMixt skin
Age: 25+ 
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Toning Lotion – The active ingredients in the composition of the Toning Lotion are Sepitonic M3, Niacinamide and Neurophroline™. Sepitonic M3 is a cocktail of mineral salts that activates cellular metabolism and helps in faster skin regeneration. Niacinamides have a toning and antioxidant effect, stimulating capillary myocirculation. Neurophroline is a state-of-the-art ingredient, an innovative ingredient that has a positive effect on well-being, activating endorphins at the cellular level.

The Toning Lotion is applied at the end of the cleaning step for toning and closing the pores. It is handy for any skin type, and can be used at any age. It is applied with a cleansing cotton pad and it does not rinse.

Avoid contact with eyes.
The Toning Lotion is dermatologicaly tested.


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