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Ultra Active Cream

Ultra-Active Cream is a cream for mixt skin, oily and with acne. It is a cream that reduces sebum hypersecretion. Ultra-Active Cream is applied strictly on problematic areas, it is absorbed quickly and calms the areas where it is applied. The result shows that it reduces excess sebum by 81.82% and attenuates acne damage by 77.27%.

SKU: GSA-458
Size: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

In stock

Anti acne treatmentCleansing
Skin Type:
Acne skinMixt skinOily skin
Age: 15+ 
Use: Only on pimple
acne damageAcne skinAnti Acne Creamattenuate acne damagemixt skinoily skinpimplesreduce excess sebumsalicylic acidSkin black spotsskin poresStop Acne

Ultra Active Cream – A skin with a tendency to fatty or sebum hypersecretion is prone to acne due to pores that are full of sebum and fail to breathe normally.

Ultra Active Cream contains Salicylic Acid. The salicylic acid clogs the pores and cleanses them, acting at the same time on the sebum hypersecretions that are guilty of the appearance of the white, black spots or of the pimples.

The percentage of salicylic acid in Ultra Active Cream controls sebum secretions within normal limits. Ultra-Active cream helps to combat damage done by acne .

The Ultra Active Cream is applied in the morning or in the evening, after the skin has been cleansed with Purifying Sparkling Gel and is applied strictly to the area affected by acne.

The Stop Acne range is a range for people with complex, oily skin who need complete care in treating acne.
For long lasting results it is recommended to use Ultra-Active Cream along with complementary products.

A treatment scheme can be developed, respecting the number indicated on the packaging of the products.

Not to be used by people allergic to salicylic acid.

The product is parabens free and is dermatologically tested.


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