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Volume Booster Lip Cream

Volume Booster Lip Cream is a cream that is based on ingredients discovered in avant-garde medicine and which are the latest generation. This product is an alternative method than the classic ones that consist of injecting hyaluronic acid and collagen for lip remodeling. The action is the same, and the enlargement of the lips is instantly visible. The cream consists in obtaining voluminous, full and sensual lips.

SKU: GL-583
Size: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

In stock

Age: 20+
FoxoKlothoVolulip™Volume Booster Lip CreamVolume Creamvoluminous lipsyouth proteins

The ingredients in the Volume Booster Lip Cream composition are Volulip™ and Lakesis ALG 356 and have a lasting effect, while the hot pepper and cinnamon essential oil provide an instant effect. Lakesis ALG 356 is an active ingredient that has protection on Foxo and Klotho, which are also referred to as youth proteins.

The Volume Booster Lip Cream is applied on the lips and has a gel texture. Immediately after application, about 2-3 minutes, a burning, heat and tingling sensation appears, the lips swelling instantly. The unpleasant sensation disappears immediately, and the product remains on the lips like a lip gloss, giving a voluminous appearance. The color intensifies, and the contour of the lips is more accentuated.

Apply the Volume Booster Lip Cream on a very small area of the lips to see that there is no allergy. Do not apply to irritated lips. Avoid contact with eyes.

The Volume Booster Lip Cream is dermatologicaly tested.


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