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Whitening Serum

The Whitening Serum in the Luxury range is a serum rich in active principles that has action on the pigment stains by eliminating or reducing them and uniforming the skin tone. This serum can be used by any person, with any type of skin, which has unevenness or freckles.

SKU: GL-588
Size: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

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Anti-ageingMoisturizingSpecial Care
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Age: 25+ 
Daily CareMorning and Evening
balanced skinskin freckles serumskin pigmentskin spotsskin toneunevenness skinWhitening Serum

The Whitening Serum contains Alpha Arbutin which inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for the appearance of pigment stains. Niacinamides together with vitamin C have illuminating effect, but also stimulate the new synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. The skin is hydrated, firm and toned.
DermaPep™ UL is a multifunctional complex that works in the dermis and reduces the degree of accentuation of pigment spots or freckles. And not least, the ingredient found in avant-garde medicine is Neurophroline™. Neurophroline™ has positive well-being, activating endorphins at the cellular level. It creates a balance, a normality of the skin.
The serum has a light texture that absorbs immediately. It is applied twice a day, at least two months. It is associated with Moisturizing Whitening Cream for optimum results. In case of association, the serum is applied first, after the skin has been cleansed, then the cream is applied.
Throughout the treatment it is very important to use a UV protection factor so that the sun’s rays do not accentuate the stains even more.
Do not use around the eyes.
Dermatological tested.


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